After finishing my lit degree, I completely stopped reading.  I had lost the ability to read for pleasure.  But in early 2013 I discovered reading could be social.  And in the autumn of 2013 I discovered MM romances and that reading could be downright HOT.  I haven't stopped reading since!


I live on Goodreads but I promise to figure out Booklikes eventually.

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley The story was good, the audio book narration not so much. So, considering I liked the story despite the subpar narration, I am thinking the book must be pretty darn good.

I have to assume that the FBI agent falling for the criminal turned informant story line has been done many times before, but it is my first time reading it. Every time I thought I figured out how it will all work out between them, there was another wrinkle and I was left scratching my head.

I liked Danny a lot. I seem to always like the criminals. I didn't love the FBI agent, Miller. He seemed kinda wimpy for someone who was portrayed as rather intimidating. I think that might have been a function of the narration.

I found the story line compelling and the characters and situation they were in believable.

There was a bit of a squeam factor (i.e., places where I felt squeamish). The story had a bit more blood and detailed descriptions of injuries than I could deal with. I skipped those.

Problems with the narration:

- The narrator talked to slowly (but I was able to speed that up myself).

- The voices he Danny and Miller were both annoying. The voices for the lesser male characters were decent. The women were AWFUL.

- Danny's voice changed dramatically in the scenes with Griff because the voices given to them were somewhat similar otherwise.

- There were places where I didn't agree with how the narrator inflected his voice. The inflections or tone were sometimes so ill fitting for the phrase being read that it was distracted.

On the flip side, this was a really long book. If I hadn't been listening to it, I don't know that I would have had the staying power to finish, or even the guts to start. Long books are so not my thing.

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