After finishing my lit degree, I completely stopped reading.  I had lost the ability to read for pleasure.  But in early 2013 I discovered reading could be social.  And in the autumn of 2013 I discovered MM romances and that reading could be downright HOT.  I haven't stopped reading since!


I live on Goodreads but I promise to figure out Booklikes eventually.

Falling From The Sky

Falling From The Sky - Nikki Godwin I 5683 this book. 4.25 stars.
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This was a really nice YA love story. It was calm and quiet and built slowly into a beautiful romance. I kept expecting something epic to happen but it didn't, and I am okay with that.

The parts of the story that took place at basketball camp were a bit dull to me but the time that Micah and Ridge spent together was well crafted. I liked the way Ridge couldn't be bothered with Micah and first and slowly let his guard down until he could imagine life without him. The little bits of life on the Reservation were nicely done and I wouldn't have minded a bit more of that.

A few criticisms. First the name "Ridge." I don't know why but it distracted me. It didn't feel like a real name and I had to think about it every time his name was said. Perhaps that's my own hang up and won't bother anyone else.

Second, I HATE the part of the blurb describing Micah. It was completely misleading and did a grave disservice to the boy I love saying that he devoured straight boys’ heterosexuality for breakfast. No need to spread rumors about my sweetie pie.

Finally, the book really needed an epilogue. I mean I can use my imagination to decide what happened next, but I really think the author should have given us more. Note to the author: I will forgive the lack of an epilogue if I can have a sequel.

Oh! A quick shout out to my new buddy Garrett who I really enjoyed reading this book with and to Cory who I assume will finish the book eventually.


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